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We work with high-growth technology companies and established brands reinventing themselves. Deep technology experience and expertise ensures we understand your business and markets. More specifically we bring to the table experience and expertise in the AI, Blockchain, Blockchain Video Gaming, Customer Experience and Customer Contact, Big Data Analytics, Enterprise SaaS, Web3, Metaverse, and FinTech technology sectors.

Areas of Expertise

Digital and Social Media Marketing have upended startup and small and medium size business marketing and PR. Decisions are now data-driven, growth is about continually innovating and activating new hacks for growth marketing, influencers and key opinion leaders stimulate demand, while overall brand and market are now able to make a meaningful and measurable contribution to the business. You need a partner to work with who can show you how. We are that partner with teams in New York City and London, and a global network of trusted collaborators, we’re a lean, modern partner designed to move as fast and far as our technology-based clients.

Growth Strategy

Winners find ingenious ways to cut through the noise to be seen and heard. This requires a growth mindset and the right connections to partners and ecosystems that turn strategies into action. We help you do this. Our go-to-market and growth strategies built on experience and deep expertise that turn these strategies into action.

Digital Marketing | Digital PR

Digital marketing is now marketing. We help companies create, activate, measure, and optimize their digital and social marketing including website design and implementation, and mobile app and social media strategy and activation. We go beyond regular measures of engagement and targeting to include competitor influence scores, external trends data, and on-site and off-site customer activities. These data analytics enable us to help you effectively optimize media plans and advertising spend, data-driven content creation, and high-converting digital lead-generation campaigns.


Effective sales, marketing, customer success, and customer experience automation, measurement, and optimization are now critical to business growth for technology companies. Our experience and expertise in implementing software like HubSpot and Perfex CRM means we help you successfully automate your growth marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, and product led growth operations. We have also developed our own personal voice assistant, and data integration SaaS AI software we can implement for you. Our software AI voice enables your sales, marketing and customer success system and makes it easy and quick to integrate all your sales and marketing, and customer success data across different systems combining and consolidating it for timely reporting, insights, and data-driven decision making.

Creative Technology, Data and AI

We are marketers, and AI and video gaming creative technologists able to incorporate and take advantage of data and advanced technologies like AI, gamification, and VR/AR to create campaigns and activations for you that in their creativity and ingenuity stand above the noise. We employ AI and Data to achieve greater efficiency and greater effectiveness, and to optimize so your marketing spend goes further with greater effect. This is supported by continual reporting and feedback keeping you updated on the progress and performance of a campaign or activation in a timely fashion enabling you to make in-flight adjustments.

M & A Strategy

Building a business for a strategic valuation makes the difference between an OK exit and a life-changing event. Our experienced and expert M&A consulting teams know what buyers look for during an M&A process and negotiations, so we focus on improving those metrics for you while you continue to focus on running your business.

Additionally, we provide boutique consulting services to connect founders to funders, provide mentorship to entrepreneurs, strategic advisory services to a broad set of corporates, and broaden opportunities for diversity within the ecosystem.

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Customer Success Strategy

Customer success operations and excellence are increasingly vital to successful business growth for technology startups. With our experience and expertise in helping companies formulate and implement their customer success strategy and operations we help you grow your business by helping your build your success with your customers without hiccups or missteps and enabling you to leverage customer success to keep and grow your business with key customer accounts.

International Market Entry and Expansion

With offices in North America and Europe, and a team with long experience and deep expertise in both these major geographic markets we can help companies from Europe enter and/or grow their presence and business in the North American market and help US companies do the same in the European markets. If you need help with your accounting and legal needs in a geographic location we cover, we can connect you with a trusted accountant or lawyer in our network of advisors and interim professional help.

Matching strategic services with your business and purpose

We begin with the end in mind — meeting your business objectives through strategic communications by turning ideas into action.

If your communications programs haven’t evolved with your business challenges, you need fresh thinking.

  • Market intelligence and evaluation
  • Media analysis and social assessment
  • Insight development, messaging strategy, storyline and narrative
  • B2B and Trade Media relations
  • Content creation
  • Web design and development
  • Paid social, display and influencer
  • Content syndication
  • Social media management and employee advocacy
  • Share of voice, sentiment and message pull-through
  • Traffic, click throughs, engagement and conversion rate
  • Business impact

John R. Matthews

Media & Software Advisor – eSaaS, AI, Digital Marketing, and Internet M&A/Strategic Advisory helping turn company equity into private wealth (AdTech/MarTech, Data & Analytics, Mobile, EnterpriseTech, eCommerce, FinTech)



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